Monday, 17 October 2011

Computer generated spreads

These are the begining of my layouts, I need to look at what fonts I want to use throughout my design, also if there is a certain theme with the headings, colour, use of images etc. They need to link together better. I like the use of a single colour theme throughout my design. I particularly like the spread with the black background, but think this may be difficult to read.

Page layouts

I decided I wanted to use a 300mm x 300mm page layout. These are a few ideas I have had. I think I will be using a serif font to represent the historical side of Wolverhampton. I also like the idea of having an opening page to each section filled with a large image or a selection of images and then having the remaining pages with quite a lot of content.


I decided to look at a few design magazines and have a look at layouts, fonts, use of image etc.


I am doing a project relating to Wolverhampton, I have got to produce a 6 double page spread magazine and a cover. I have chosen to promote tourism within the city.

I need to produce 3 double spreads about the problem, e.g. why people dont visit the city and 3 spreads about the positives and how we can encourage tourism e.g. beautiful architecture, history etc